Enkidu, I sing to you, the wild

Man in the woods. Never let

Them cut your hair. Don't wear

The clothes that wear people

Out. Don't bear their awful

Burdens; bear nothing but your

Bare self, dark as a bear hidden

In its lair. Enkidu, I sing to you,

A wild hare in a deep thicket.

Don't listen to their version of

Good. Don't chew the pablum

That they chew; so soon you'll

Find that it has eaten you: that

You are the gray and tasteless

Gruel. Un-measured

By their rule, Enkidu, I sing to

You, the bird that flew in the blue

Clean space above this place;

Don't even let them see your face;

Your grace abounds, it bounds

Free, unbound. Leave no trace.